May 11, 2010

Two Choices

Ahmad is the manager of a restaurant. He is always in a good mood. Each morning Ahmad wake up and say to himself, “I have two choices today, I can choose to be in a good mood or I can choose to be in a bad mood.” 

I always choose to be in a good mood.
 Each time something bad happens, I can choose to be victim or I can choose to learn from it. I always choose to learn from it. "Life is all about choices. When you cut away all the junk every situation is a choice.
You choose how you react to situations.

You choose how people will affect your mood.

You choose to be in a good mood or bad mood.
It's your choice how you live your life. "One day, he was robbed by three armed men. While Ahmad trying to open the safe box, He was accidently insert the wrong number. The robbers shot him. Luckily, Ahmad was found quickly and rushed to the hospital.
In the Emergency Room Ahmad saw the expression on the faces of the doctors and nurses, he got really scared. In their eyes, He read 'He's a dead man.’ He knew he needs to take action."

Ahmad has made his choice: I could choose to live or could choose to die. I CHOOSE to live."  
He told them: 'I am choosing to live. Please operate on me as if I am alive, not dead'.
Ahmad lived thanks to the skill of his doctors, but also because of his amazing attitude. Every day you have the choice to either enjoy your life or to hate it. The only thing that is truly YOURS -- that no one can control or take from you- is your ATTITUDE, so if you can take care of that, everything else in life becomes much easier. 


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