February 25, 2014

Re: Low Interest Rate Loan Offer

Are you tired of seeking loans and mortgages from banks? Have you been turned down constantly by your banks and other financial institutions due to bad credit? Are you about loosing your home due to financial constraints? Our loans are available from GBP 50,000.00, GBP 750,000.00 to GBP 950 Millions over 3-20 years at rates ranging from 3.5% to 6.5% APR

Do you want to purchase a house of your choice but no finance? The good news here is that we are now offering private loans of any amount to individuals and corporate organization with low interest rate to enable you meet with your financial demands. Interested individuals should Contact us now for more details with the below email id ; loanapplication_department2014@slf-online.com

Skye Loan Finance Limited.
Email ; loanapplication_department2014@slf-online.com

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