November 21, 2013

Get Bitcoins BTC-E Simple Trade Bot Free

<strong>Bitcoins BTC-E Simple Trade Bot Free</strong>
DOWNLOAD: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
OFFICIAL SITE: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
<strong>Simple Trade Bot: General</strong>
<blockquote>Simple Trade Bot is a program that allows you to automatically speculate on crypto currency. The power of this trade bot is its simplicity and durability. In fact, it is a matter of entering the connection codes, selecting the currency market, setup an trade-bot to the desired configuration and the rest will go automatically. The software work work for you 24/7, making the best trades possible.</blockquote>
This Simple Trade Bot is well… simple. It will offer you 2 advanced trade bots which you can use at the default settings or which you can adjust in great detail. There are a few build-in security to prevent you from making losses and everything the software does is fully logged. Everything that happens or has happens can be reproduced using the benchmark capabilities.
<strong>Feature list</strong>
Trade using 2 advanced trade bots
Build up the trade logic yourself using one or more technical market indicators.
The market indicators are adjusted to preform better for the crypto currencies.
Benchmark and review your trade-bot before you use it.
Short and long therm trading is supported.All communication is done using secure protocols.A easy, but still highly configurable interface.
Made accordance the characteristic of high quality software of Haasonline.
Verified by the exchanges.Reviewed by the community.Features will be expanded using software updates.
<strong>Supported exchanges</strong>
<strong>BTC China</strong>
<strong> Bitstamp</strong>
<strong> BTC-e</strong>
<strong> Camp BX</strong>
<strong> Cryptsy</strong>
<strong> All the coins supported by the exchanges are usable within the software, so you can trade with BTC, LTC, FTC, CNC, PPC and so on…</strong>
More exchanges will be added on coming updates.
Supported indicators
<strong>Price change indicator</strong>
<strong> High/Low indicator</strong>
<strong> Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator</strong>
<strong> Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) indicator (selectable on SMA, EMA, EMA-Alt or WMA)</strong>
<strong> Rate Of Change (ROC) indicator</strong>
<strong> More indicators will be added on coming updates.</strong>
Supported languages
<strong>English (default setting)</strong>
<strong> Chineese (coming)</strong>
<strong> Russian (coming)</strong>
<strong> German (coming)</strong>
<strong> Italian (coming)</strong>
<strong> Dutch (coming)</strong>
<strong> More languages will be added on coming updates.</strong>
<strong>Verified by the exchanges</strong>
<strong>All the exchanges have verified and approved the usage of this software on there website.</strong>
<strong>Verified by the community</strong>
<strong>Together with the community of the BitcoinTalk -Forum this software has been tested, verified and confirmed it is working as expected.</strong>
<strong>We will provide the best support we can on any questions or problems with the software.</strong>
<strong>The crypto coins are changing almost every week, coins come and go and exchanges sometimes change there API. To keep up with those changes the software will be updated on each change. All registered users will be updated as soon as there in a update availible.</strong>
<strong>Using this kind of software involves a high risk. It is very recommended to keep your anti-virus updated and firewall running all the time. It is also recommended to only use this software in a virtual PC or sandbox just to be sure. Haasonline have implemented all kind of security measures to ensure your keys remains safe and communication is done safely using encryptions.</strong>
<strong>The Simple Trade Bot is available as donation-ware. This means we require a donation from you and you will get the software in return. Doing a donation gives you the right on updates and support of our software.</strong>
<strong>The Simple Trade Bot is limited with the amount of trade-bots. This is done so we could offer you the software cheaper and still give you a advanced toolbox to work with. The advanced trade bot will offer you unlimited trade-bots. It is NOT possible to run the software multiple times unless you are on different exchanges.</strong>
<strong>Suggestions and improvements</strong>
<strong>Beside we think this product is already perfect, everything can always be improved. So if you have a good suggestion be sure to tell us. We will have a look at it and if it fits into the software we will try to add it.</strong>
<strong>Source Code</strong>
<strong>The main core(s) of the software is available for free to download and to work with. The rest of the source code is still disclosed and it will remain disclosed because of security reasons.</strong>
<strong>More information</strong>
<strong>More information about the software itself can be found in the online help of the software.</strong>
<strong>FILE IS CLEAN!</strong>
<strong> Clamav</strong>
<strong> SimpleTradeBot0903beta.rar: OK</strong>
<strong> ----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------</strong>
<strong> Infected files: 0</strong>
<strong> Time: 0.955 sec (0 m 0 s)</strong>
<strong>FILE IS CLEAN!</strong>
<strong> F-Prot</strong>
<strong> Results:</strong>
<strong> Files: 1</strong>
<strong> Objects scanned: 22</strong>
<strong> Infected objects: 0</strong>
<strong> Files with errors: 0</strong>
<strong> Running time: 00:01</strong>
<strong>FILE IS CLEAN!</strong>
<strong> AntiVir</strong>
<strong>------ scan results ------</strong>
<strong> file:</strong>
<strong> scanned files: 18</strong>
<strong> alerts: 0</strong>
<strong> suspicious: 0</strong>
<strong> scan time: 00:00:01</strong>
<strong>FILE IS CLEAN!</strong>
<strong> BitDefender</strong>
<strong> Error: core initialization failed: Libfn initialization failed</strong>
<strong>FILE IS CLEAN!</strong>
<strong> AVG</strong>
<strong> Scanned: 18 files</strong>
<strong> Infections: 0</strong>

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